Sync jobs list improvements and Improved handling for invalid emails, September 29, 2022

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This release includes visibility improvements for scheduled but not active and manual sync jobs and invalid emails in sync history and emails.

Sync jobs list visual changes

  • Scheduled but Inactive jobs: New text appears on the card for inactive jobs, indicating and can be manually triggered or reenabled. These cards and their header are gray. v11_0_ScheduledNotActive.png
  • Manual jobs: Manual jobs now show the card header and manual icon as orange.v11_0_ManualJobs.png
    See the Introduction to class and roster sync jobs article.

Changes to increase visibility for invalid emails

  • Sync history: The number of invalid emails with details appears in the sync history. Click # Invalid emails detected to view details.v11_0_ExpandedInvalidEmail.png

  • Notification emails: The number of invalid emails with details appears in notification emails.
    See the View roster jobs sync history article.

  • Review and Action: Excluded emails are captured in the sync analysis as roster exceptions. They are noted on the Summary tab and details are visible on the Roster Exceptions tab.v11_0_SummaryDonut.pngv11_0_RosterExceptions.png

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