Searching for devices in the Gopher for Chrome web app

Device search in the Gopher for Chrome web app lets Super admin and delegated admin users search devices by serial number, asset id, or device id. From the search results list, clicking the View column to select a device and open its Device Info.


  • Device search uses the roles setup for Gopher for Chrome for delegated admins.
  • Popups need to be enabled as there may be an additional OAuth request box popup when launching the search.

To search for a device

  1. Access the Gopher for Chrome web app.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Device Search.
  3. Search defaults to Serial Number. Select Asset id or Device id from the drop-down to search by id. 
  4. Enter all or part of the device serial number, asset id, or device id.

    Note: The search must be at least 3 characters.

  5. Click Search. The matching device appears on the page. 
  6. To open the Device Info page for a device, click its View column in the search results. The page opens to Basic Info.
    Click Device Search at the top left to search again.

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