Introducing 4 new K-12 Support Stacks, October 3, 2022

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New support stacks for K-12 have arrived!

We’ve been working hard to be sure you get what you need out of the CDW Amplified for Education support stacks. As a result, the following stacks are new this month:

  • Groups Cleanup: Review Google Groups for Business existing groups and individual group settings, use cases, and limitations.
  • Introduction to Chromebook Management: Manage Chromebooks more effectively with these fundamental policy and configuration concepts, and best practices.
  • Third-Party API Access: Receive an API usage dashboard to analyze third-party access to your Google domain and planning tools, for implementing better restrictions.
  • Classroom Cleanup: Use Little SIS for Google Classroom and GAM to help with the bulk cleanup of active classes, as relates to unattended students, creating permissions and restrictions, and more.

To learn more, see the full K-12 Support stack list. Click the stack name for full details on the stack, its deliverables and milestones.


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