Storage Tool: Google Workspace for Education Storage Report

Google created a Workspace for Education Storage tool to help you  plan and manage storage capacity. Using the storage tool, you can:

  • View a report of current usage and available storage
  • Use the simulator to calculate anticipated storage allocation based on the number of licenses and Workspace edition (Plus, Teaching and Learning)

Access the storage tool

Click to access the storage tool.

View and print the storage report

After accessing the storage tool, click View estimate. The storage report opens.


Note: The allocation is based on monthly active users and the assigned licenses in your domain. The data in this report could be up to 48 hours old and only applies to Google Workspace for Education customers.

The report contains the following information:

  • Estimated storage allocation
  • Print Report - creates a printable version of the report
  • 30 day unique logins
  • Estimated current storage use with a list of apps that counts toward storage
  • Licenses - Assigned licenses in the Admin console (Education Plus and Teaching and Learning Upgrade)
  • Information on the storage allocation calculation
  • Information on upgrading storage
  • Guidance on reducing storage with links to the Storage guide for EDU Admins PDF and the Overview of Google Workspace for Education storage help article.

Use your own numbers

You can use your own numbers to see how an increase or decrease in the number of licenses or number of users could affect future storage allocation.

  1. After accessing the storage tool, click Use your own numbers located the top or bottom-left of the storage report.
  2. Enter the number of active users.
  3. Enter the number of Education Plus licenses.
  4. Enter the number of Teaching and Learning Upgrade licenses.
  5. View the Estimated storage allocation at the top of the page. The information in that section changes as you enter active users and the number of licenses.
  6. To return to the storage report, click Storage Report at the top of the page. 


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 3/18/2024 Clarified one link as PDF so users know to check downloads


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