Re-provisioning Declined Classes

At times, teachers may decline a class that was created by Little SIS, and later may decide that they actually want to use the class. You can easily re-provision declined classes from the Classroom Overview.


To remove the alias for a large number of classes, please refer to the Bulk Deletion of Classes article. 


To re-provision individual classes, we recommend:

1. Navigate to the Classroom Overview in Little SIS. Once in the overview, apply the State filter to "Declined." You may also want to apply a teacher email filter if you have a lot of declined classes.


2. Once you have identified the class that you want to re-provision, right-click on the class, then "View Class Info."


3. A pop up will appear with further information on the class, including roster and coursework. At the top of the page, you will see a trash can icon and "Remove Alias" - click on this selection to remove the identifier from the declined class, which will allow it to re-provision on the next sync. 



4. You will see a pop up window asking you to confirm that you want to remove this alias - type in the alias in the text field and click "Confirm." You will now be able to re-run the sync, and this Classroom will be re-provisioned.