Re-provisioning Declined Classes

At times, teachers may decline a class that was created by Little SIS Sync and later may decide that they actually want to use the class. You can easily re-provision declined classes from the Classroom Overview.


Re-provisioning individual classes

1. Navigate to the Classroom Overview in the Little SIS Sync Agent app. Once in the overview, apply the State filter to "Declined." You may also want to apply a teacher email filter if you have a lot of declined classes. If the declined class isn't showing up when searching by teacher email, you can try to search by Little SIS Alias or Course Name in case the teacher has changed. 


2. Once you have identified the class that you want to re-provision, right-click on the class, then "View Class Info."


3. A pop up will appear with further information on the class, including roster and coursework. At the top of the page, you will see a trash can icon and "Remove Alias" - click on this selection to remove the identifier from the declined class, which will allow it to re-provision on the next sync. 



4. You will see a pop up window asking you to confirm that you want to remove this alias - type in the alias in the text field and click "Confirm." You will now be able to re-run the sync, and this Classroom will be re-provisioned.



Re-provisioning a large number of classes

If you have a large number of classes to re-provision, you will not want to do so individually as above.

1. In the Classroom Explorer in Little SIS Sync, multi-select the Declined classes that you wish to re-provision, then click on the three dots menu and select "Delete XX selected classes." 



2. Reselect the classes in the pop-up and click "Next." On the Alias handling page, select the second option, "Allow classes with the same aliases as these deleted classes to be created in the future" -- this allows you to then run the sync and recreate these classes with the same alias. On the final page, click "Proceed."