Export Classroom and Coursework reports

Using Little SIS Sync you can export to Excel reports detailing Google Classroom usage by teachers across your domain. The reports are:

  • Export Classroom Analysis
  • Export Coursework Analysis

The Classroom Analysis exports all the existing metadata about Classrooms on the domain. It is great for understanding how many classrooms are out there and for cleanup purposes. 

The Coursework Analysis report shows all coursework for all Classroom classes on the domain. You can use it to analyze the content teachers are sending out.

Before you begin

Before you can export the Classroom Analysis or Coursework Analysis report you must refresh the Classroom classes. This way your export will contain the most up-to-date information.

  1. Open the Classroom Explorer (compass icon).
  2. Download any new Classroom classes detected by the explorer tool.
  3. Click the lightning bolt icon to select all classes with missing data.
  4. Click the refresh icon.
  5. In the Refresh details for xxx selected classes popup, select the data to refresh e.g. select Class Information, Teachers, Rosters, Coursework, and Little SIS Aliases.
  6. Click Refresh Data.

Note: The refresh may take some time to run. This is because of the normal throttling behavior in Google's APIs.

Exporting the reports

Now that you've refreshed the data you can export the Classroom Analysis or Coursework Analysis reports. Here's how:

  1. Click the three dots menu at the top right.
  2. Click either Export Classroom Analysis or Export Coursework Analysis.

The Classroom Analysis export has four tabs containing:

  • Export data
  • Teacher Summary
  • Analysis by Teacher
  • Overall summary 

The Coursework Analysis export contains all coursework metadata from the domain in a single tab.

See more information about these exports in this help article.

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