Little SIS Sync Agent introduction

Little SIS Sync Agent is a desktop application often installed on a virtual server. It can create and sync Google Classroom classes with student information system (SIS) data. By automating and syncing Classroom classes and rosters to a district’s enrollment system, Little SIS offers:

  • Fewer obstacles for teachers to navigate in the adoption process.
  • A consistent online workflow for students across their classes.
  • A seamless way to track students so that they are not left behind. These could be late arrivals, transfers, or those who missed Classroom orientation.
  • Tech integrators more time for focusing on instruction and less on the tech itself.
  • Parents a consistent window into their child's digital work with guardian synching.

As a new Little SIS Sync Agent user, takes some time to familiarize yourself with the information in the sections below.

About the Little SIS Sync Agent

Installation & data requirements

Classroom overview tool

Class & roster sync jobs

Exploring and synching guardians

Best practices and FAQs for admins

Best practices and FAQs for teachers

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