Change management recommendations

For Little SIS Sync adoption to have the greatest impact in your school(s), we recommend the following:

  • Collaborate closely with instructional leadership: A technology team should not adopt Little SIS Sync without strong collaboration with instructional leadership and/or tech integration team.
  • Nail it before you scale it: We designed Little SIS Sync to be pilot-friendly. By selectively excluding courses, schools, or teachers from your exports, or by imposing inclusion and exclusion rules from within the Little SIS Sync Agent interface, you can start with a smaller group of teachers and work your way up to the full-scale implementation. We recommend this approach!
  • Build change champions: Get your go-getter teachers on board from day one. Google Classroom should already be in use in some classrooms. These teachers are your best spokespeople for getting broader buy-in. Ask these teachers to be part of your pilot group. Build their profiles by giving them leadership opportunities in your broader Classroom training plan.
  • Communicate early and often with participating teachers: Let teachers know what Little SIS Sync is, the rationale for its adoption, and how they should expect their Classroom classes to behave differently based on your chosen Little SIS Sync setup.
  • Manual before automated: Job setup errors, data export errors, or student scheduling errors could create changes in Classroom that impact many users. Automating too soon could be disruptive if you don’t catch these before they run.
  • Take the time to identify course matches: If teachers have already set up courses before Little SIS Sync setup, the tool will try to match them. This is an imperfect process that requires some manual review. Taking the time to correctly match existing courses with SIS courses will greatly minimize confusion and make sure your Classroom fanatics have a positive experience as their first experience.

Let your teachers know: We have put together an email template for admins to send to their teachers regarding Little SIS Sync: Teacher Email Template - About Little SIS. Feel free to make a copy and customize it for your district's use.

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