Loading and refreshing data in the Classroom Explorer


The Classroom Explorer allows you to download, explore, and export an XLS summary report on the following details of ALL classes on your domain, whether or not they were created by Little SIS:

Columns visible by default

  • Course Name
  • Section
  • Teacher (class owner)
  • State
  • Little SIS Alias
  • Teachers (includes co-teachers)
  • Roster
  • Course work
  • Last update date/time

Columns hidden by default

  • Teacher Org Unit
  • Course ID
  • Created date/time

To get started, load basic information about ALL classes and users on your domain from the "Refresh data" menu item.  Select "Refresh All Google Classroom Classes" to load basic class information like Course Name, Section, Teacher, and State.   Select "Refresh All Domain Users" to ensure that all students and teachers can be identified in Little SIS via their G Suite email address.


 To make additional information, such as Little SIS Alias, Roster, Teachers, and Course Work available, Little SIS must access what is potentially a very large volume of data via Google's APIs.  To improve performance, Little SIS builds and updates a local cache with this information, and it only retrieves selected details for an intentionally-selected group of classes.  Select one or more classes in the list and you will see a set of data refresh options in the grey bulk actions bar.  Select those data items you care about refreshing followed by the refresh icon, and the relevant class details will load.



You can view the details of the roster and coursework by selecting a row, and choosing "View class info"


 To hide / unhide columns within the Classroom Explorer, toggle open the column visibility control.