Bulk archive classes

The Classroom Explorer lets you perform many bulk actions on classes. This lets you perform one action on many classes at once. One such bulk action is archiving classes. Classroom classes not reused from year to year are good candidates for archiving. Once archived, a class no longer appears on the student Home screen in Classroom. 

A maintenance action for teachers is to archive their old classes. When teachers do not archive old Classes, it can create clutter and confusion for students. In that case, archiving in bulk can be a helpful administrative action. It is important to note that archiving classes on behalf of a teacher is non-destructive and fully-reversible by the teacher.

To be bulk archived, classes must be in an ACTIVE state. To bulk archive classes you'll need to:

  • Identify unused classes in the Classroom Explorer
  • Select Classes to archive
  • Select the archive action
  • Confirm the archive

To bulk archive classes:

  1. Navigate to the Classroom Overview in the Little SIS Sync Agent app. 
  2. Select ACTIVE from the State drop-down. 
  3. Use the date filter to filter the Active classes list by their last updated date.
    • Select a range from the date range dropdown; Equals, Before, or After.
    • Click the calendar to select a date. 
  4. Select the classes in the list that you wish to archive.
  5. Click on the three dots menu and select Archive XX selected classes
  6. The Archive Classes pop up opens. Here you’ll work through the 3 step approval process for archiving classes.  Step 1, Review Classes. Review the classes and deselect classes you do not wish to archive.

  7. Click Next.
  8. Step 2, Preview teacher email notification. You can use the default email message or compose your own message.
    • To compose your own message, type the text in the box provided.
    • To clear a composed message and use the default message, click REVERT TO DEFAULT EMAIL TEMPLATE.

      Note: The default email text lets teachers know they can un-archive classes, returning them to an active state through the Classroom interface.

      Note: You could customize the message to let teachers know they can also reuse posts from archived classes. They can do this using the Reuse post feature in Classroom.

  9. Click Next.
  10. Step 3, Confirmation Action. Click Proceed

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