Admins: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Little SIS work with my SIS?

So far, we've not come across an SIS that can't be made to work with Little SIS.  We designed the app to be easy to set up, and very flexible in its requirements. As long as the following are true, you should not find it difficult to set up Little SIS to run a fully-automated roster sync.

  • Your SIS offers a way for you to build or request CSV exports that contain student class enrollments. Learn more about Little SIS data requirements here.
  • You have a mechanism for delivering SIS data exports to a directory on the local network where the Little SIS app is installed.  This is usually accomplished via SFTP or SMB share mapping, and is quite common practice.


Q: Will Little SIS impact Classroom classes that are used for PD, clubs, or other special purposes that are not a part of our SIS?

No.  Little SIS will only impact classes that are part of sync jobs you create from SIS data.


Q: Will Little SIS update Classroom classes that teachers have already created?

Optionally, yes.  You have the opportunity during sync analysis and staging to identify and link to pre-existing teacher classes that have a roster and naming overlap with a class that is part of the sync job.  If you choose to link a pre-existing teacher class, the teacher will be notified that they will see automated Classroom roster updates in all future syncs.  Alternatively, you can choose to exclude pre-existing classes from syncs, or provision a new class entirely instead of linking to the existing one.  In general, it's a best practice to take the time to carefully examine and take advantage of linking to pre-existing teacher classes, so teachers can get the greatest value from Little SIS.


Q: We don't want teachers to know which students are in their classes until the master schedule has been finalized. Can classes be created for teachers without populating the students?

A: Yes, Little SIS can create classes without adding or updating student enrollments. Open the Edit Job screen and Navigate to "Roster Updates." Uncheck the boxes on this page. 

Remember to come back to the job to turn these settings back on when you are ready to update student enrollment in Classroom.


Q: While normally additional teachers are added as co-teachers, several of our teachers manually add resource teachers, paraprofessionals, or independent-study students to their Classroom classes as unofficially-enrolled students. Will Little SIS remove them?

A: Because Little SIS works off of the roster data in your SIS, extra provisions must be made in order to exclude unofficial, teacher-enrolled students or professionals from being removed from a Classroom class by Little SIS.  The unofficial students' email address must be added to the Roster Exceptions list in order to prevent this from happening. You can also add a wildcard (* exception in cases where staff and students are on different domains or sub-domains.

At this time, Little SIS does not support class-specific roster exceptions. Roster Exceptions are global -- they will be applied across all classes in all sync jobs.


Q: Can Little SIS add co-teachers to Classroom classes?

A: It depends on the scenario.

At this time, Little SIS does not add SIS-listed co-teachers to Classroom classes unless the addition is made as part of an update in which the SIS-listed primary teacher has changed.  The choice to handle teacher changes via the addition of a co-teacher is a sync job option under "Teacher Changes," and is the recommended approach because Classroom does not actually permit the transfer of ownership of a Classroom class.

Note that co-teachers that are added by a teacher within Classroom will not be affected by the Little SIS sync.



Q: What happens if we change our primary domain after we set up Little SIS?

A: As far as we know, a primary domain name does not affect Classroom classes. 


Q: Can you enter a wildcard exception (*domain) in the Roster Exceptions section of Little SIS?

A: You can! The domain that you wish to exclude may be entered in the Roster Exceptions list as a Wildcard/pattern-based exception. This is especially helpful when staff and students are on separate domains, and when teachers are sometimes added to classes as students.


Q: Does Little SIS update automatically when a new version is released?

A: Sort of.  Little SIS will auto-download the new release and make it available for installation from the help dialog, but will prompt for the update.  When a new version is released, Little SIS admins will receive an email with instructions for updating their version of Little SIS. Admins can also check that their version is up-to-date by visiting the main help dialog within Little SIS.



Q: Are teachers able to change the name of their Classroom classes if we use Little SIS?

A: Yes, teachers are able to change the name of their Classroom classes within Classroom, and you may opt to let these changes be ignored or overridden within the Job Update preferences screen.

Leaving all checkboxes unchecked would allow your teacher's class name changes to persist, even when classes are synced automatically with Little SIS.


Q: Does Little SIS automatically add teachers to the "Classroom Teachers" Group on my GSuite domain?

A: Not yet, but it's on our roadmap.

Teachers are not currently automatically added to the Classroom Teachers group on your domain when their classes are created via Little SIS. The class would still be created and updated with Little SIS syncing, but in order for teachers to be able to turn on parent notifications, they would need to be a member of the Classroom Teachers group. 


Q: Can I search for or bulk archive classes based on the class term? 

A: Yes - you can use the Class Alias filter to select classes based on the term, as long as you've used term ID as part of the Class Alias during job creation. 


Q: What happens to student's work and grades when they change classes?

A: The way that Google Classroom handles student roster changes ensures that the student's work in Drive is not lost - it's moved into their new class folder. The grades in Classroom are technically not "lost," but they are only accessible if the student is re-added to the class at a later date. Grades are not available to the new teacher when a student changes classes.