Reviewing and approving class links

If Little SIS Sync detects existing teacher-created classes on the domain, it will recommend you review them and approve one of four actions for each SIS class where the class name and rosters have some degree of similarity to one that already exists in Classroom.  

The score shown to the right side of each candidate Classroom class is calculated primarily based on the degree of roster overlap, but is also based to a small degree on name similarity.  Hovering over the colored bar will indicate the overlap and variance in rosters between the SIS and Classroom for that class. 

Clicking on the colored bar will provide a dialog in which you can examine the names and email addresses of the students in each of these categories.  When getting started, it may be worth examining these lists to aid in detecting quality issues in your SIS data.  In some cases, where the accuracy of email addresses in the SIS is poor, these results can provide helpful information.

The possible actions one can take for a candidate match appear above and to the left of the identified class.

  1. Link to classroom - this choice is auto-recommended when there is a high degree of roster and name similarity. Approving and committing this action will tag the existing teacher Classroom class with a Little SIS Sync alias, and roster updates will be performed on that class in all syncs going forward.  
  2. Save class exception - this will exclude the SIS class from this sync and all future syncs.  This option can be useful in cases where the teacher is using Google Classroom with non-standard rostering, as with combined or differentiated sections.  Because Little SIS Sync currently does not accommodate these arrangements, it may simply be best to exclude these classes from sync.
  3. Exclude class for this sync - this option makes sense to use when there may not be enough information available to make a determination about linking, but it is desirable to retain the option to link the class in a later sync.
  4. Create new class - this option should be exercised when it is clear that the SIS class does not match any of the teacher's existing Classroom classes, and it is desirable to provision one for them.

Once you have identified your preferred action for a given candidate match, "Approve and stage actions" will send your choices to the staged actions list and move you along to the next teacher in the list on the left.