Understand Classroom and Coursework exports

The Classroom Analysis or Coursework Analysis reports hold a lot of information for your organization. This article will help you understand the information in those reports.

If you need to export the reports, this article can help.

Classroom Analysis report

The Classroom export has the following 4 tabs, we’ll cover each below:

  • Export (summary)
  • Teacher Summary
  • Analysis by Teacher OU
  • Summary

Export (summary)

The Export tab contains a summary of all the information from Classroom Explorer. It includes the following information:

  • Teacher email
  • OU the teacher belongs to
  • Creation time for the classes
  • Last sync time for the classroom rosters
  • Class link
  • Whether the teachers have guardians enabled
  • Student numbers
  • Little SIS Alias
  • Status of the teachers' Classroom

Teacher summary

The Teacher Summary is perfect for identifying teachers' level of adoption of Classroom. With it you can view:

  • How many classes the teacher has in Classroom
  • The total number of students in their classes
  • The number of assignments that exist

Analysis by teacher OU

The Analysis by Teacher OU provides information based on the organizational unit. This is typically by school or grade level. You will need to scroll to the right to see all the information on the report.

For teacher usage, you can see:

  • the percentage of active, provisioned, declined, and archived classes.
  • the percentage of Coursework and the number of sent guardian notifications.

You can also see when active or archived classes were last updated.

  • Updated in the last 30 days
  • Updated between 30 - 90 days
  • Updated between 90 - 180 days


The Summary Analysis provides a snapshot overview of all the classes on the domain.

The Coursework Export 

The Coursework Export contains a single table with one row per Coursework item. You can use the export to assess how teachers are leveraging Google Classroom. If you see underutilization, you can schedule career development around it. If you see teachers utilizing more than others, those are your champions.


The Coursework report contains the following data for each Coursework item:

  • Teacher email
  • Teacher OU
  • Class ID
  • Class name
  • Class state
  • Class created date
  • Class updated time
  • Coursework title
  • Coursework status
  • Coursework created date
  • Coursework updated date
  • Coursework type (Assignment, Multiple Choice, Question)
  • Coursework ID

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