Understanding the Classroom Export Tool

NOTE: the Classroom Export can be retrieved from Little SIS following these instructions within the Classroom Overview Tool. 

The Classroom Export has four main components (outlined below):

1. The Export Summary 

2. Teacher Summary

3. Analysis by Teacher OU

4. Summary

 The Export Summary 

The Export Summary provides all of the information from the synced jobs including teacher email, the OU the teacher belongs to, the time the classes were created, the last time the classroom rosters have been synced, the class link, whether the teachers has guardians enabled, student numbers, and the status of the teachers' Classroom. Any data you include in your CSV file upload will be identified in the Classroom Export Tool. 

You will see the following states in Little SIS to describe teachers' Classrooms:

  • Provisioned: classrooms have been synced, invitations have been sent, but the teacher has not accepted the classroom.
  • Active: the teacher has accepted the class from the Little SIS automatically generated email invitation.
  • Declined: the teacher received the invitation, but declined the classes. 
  • Archived: the classroom has been archived (via the teacher or Little SIS).

The Teacher Summary

The Teacher Summary Report is perfect for identifying teachers' level of adoption of Classroom by being able to view how many assignments have been created. 

The Teacher Summary Report includes:

  • the teacher email
  • the OU in which the teacher belongs
  • how many classes have been created for the teacher
  • how many students are enrolled in the course
  • and the number of assignments that have been submitted in Classroom

Analysis by Teacher OU

The Analysis by Teacher OU (scroll to the right to see the full functionality) provides you information based on the organizational unit, typically by school or grade level.  

The Analysis by Teacher OU Report provides a glimpse into teachers usage throughout the entire org unit by:

  • the percentage of active, provisioned, declined, and archived classes.
  • the percentages of coursework and how many guardian notifications have been sent.

The Analysis by Teacher OU Report will also indicate when active or archived classes are updated based on:

  • Updated in the last 30 days
  • Updated between 30 - 90 days
  • Updated between 90 - 180 days

Summary Analysis

The Summary Analysis provides a snapshot overview of all the classes that have been provisioned using Little SIS.

NOTE: the Classroom Export can be retrieved from Little SIS following these instructions within the Classroom Overview Tool.