Useful text functions for building usernames and/or passwords

We recommend the following useful text functions if you are looking to take sheets data and build usernames or passwords:

=CONCATENATE(string1, string2) or the "&" argument to glue together string values.

=LEFT(string, N) to pull the leftmost N characters from a string.

=RIGHT(string, N) to pull the rightmost N characters from a string.

=LOWER(string) to drop a string into lowercase

=RANDBETWEEN(lowNumber, highNumber) to generate a random number between two numbers



Let the values in row 2, column D be "First name" (Tyrell),  E be "Last name" (Maccombs) and Y be "Student ID" (21043543)...

The formula:

=LOWER(LEFT(D2, 1)&E2&RIGHT(Y2,4)&""))

...will produce: