Bulk Reset Passwords

The Reset passwords bulk action lets you:

  • Auto-generate new user passwords using a range of randomizations.
  • Designate whether to force a password reset on the next login, subject to your SSO setup.
  • Distribute printable password slips to a designated point person via email.
  • Preview changes to be made before execution.

Note: The bulk password reset action applies only to those users currently visible in the Manage Existing Users tab. 

To reset passwords in bulk:

    1. In Google Sheets, open a sheet.
    2. Navigate to Extensions > Gopher for Users > Launch sidebar.
    3. On the Import Users to Sheet tab of the sidebar, load users to the sheet.
    4. Click Bulk User Actions tab.
    5. Click Reset passwords.
    6. Select how you’ll Generate new passwords; From a rule or Manually in sheet.

      Setting Description
      From a rule

      The rule determines what is used to generate the passwords. Select one option from the list. Options include AdjNounNum, Random, ColorNum, ColorAnimal, NumColorAnimal.

      • Click Generate Passwords.

      Note: Once passwords are generated, Generate Passwords changes to Regenerate Passwords letting you create new passwords for all users in the sheet.

      Manually in sheet

      You’ll add the new passwords directly to the Sheet.

    7. Click Next.
    8. By default, the Force pw change at next login column is blank meaning the user is not forced to reset their password the next time they login. To force users to reset their password at login select True from the drop-down.
    9. Click Next.
    10. It is optional to have passwords sent via email. Here's' what a reset password email looks like:
      The impacted accounts show the username and password in the email body as well as in the attached .CSV.
      To have these emails sent, enter an email address in the Password changes/Email new password to column.
    11. Click Next. A preview of reset passwords opens and can be viewed as a list or per user.
      Setting Description
      List View

      This is the default view.


      Per-user View

      Toggle the slider in the upper right corner of the preview modal to switch between list view and per-user view.


    12. Click Run Bulk Actions.
    13. Click Done to return to the sidebar.
    14. Click Done to return to the Bulk user actions tab.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 2/23/2024 Email passwords release changes
1.0.1 2/26/2024 Added email passwords screenshots


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