Identifying devices impacted by Dec 5th Chrome network policy bug

Amplified Labs has produced a spreadsheet template to assist schools in using the Gopher for Chrome Add-on for Sheets in the identification of Chrome devices that were likely impacted by the Chrome network policy bug described at

This policy-sync bug would have caused a subset of your devices to lose connectivity to passphrase-protected WiFi networks configured through admin policies. This means that some Chrome devices can no longer connect automatically to their organization’s WiFi network until they are provided an opportunity to connect to the internet again.  See this doc for more recommendations around actions to take on impacted devices.

According to Google, impacted devices would have had a last policy refresh time of between 12/5/2017 9:50 AM and 12/5/2017 11:50 AM PST. This spreadsheet includes special formula-based reports to assist in device identification. The template is set to use PST, so all sync times shown on the sheet should also be in PST. There is no charge to use Gopher for Chrome for the read-only operations involved in the steps below.

Steps to identify impacted devices:

1 Copy this spreadsheet template via File -> Make a copy
2 Install Gopher for Chrome within the copied Sheet (or open it if you already use it) from Add-ons -> Get Add-ons and performing a search on "Gopher for Chrome."  You will need a minimum of these permissions on your G Suite domain to run Gopher for Chrome.
3 Select Gopher for Chrome -> Launch Sidebar from the Add-ons menu
4 Load all Active devices from ALL org units with any enrollment date via the LOAD TO SHEET button
5 View Impacted Devices By OU, Location, and User reports. Report formulas reference the Parameters tab for last policy refresh start and end time.
6 Remediate impacted devices per instructions at this knowledgebase article:
7 Re-load devices as you work through them in the remediation process to get fresh data / tallies around Last Policy Refresh times.