Use Centipede to (Re)Join Devices to WiFi

Thanks to the inspiration of our Google Workspace Community members, CDW Education has produced a Centipede script to assist Administrators affected by the Chrome network policy issue described at

What Is Centipede?

If you're not sure, this solution may not be for you, since it means ordering a bunch of Arduino Micros and waiting for them to arrive.  This solution is mainly useful if you have Arduino Micros on hand.  Learn more about Centipede.

How Do I Install the WiFi Join Centipede Script?

This Centipede script is designed to be run from the login screen of an affected device on devices on version 58+.  Once the Arduino has been plugged into an affected device, it will perform the keystrokes required to navigate to the WiFi settings and join the designated network.  Once the Chromebook connects to the internet, all Device policies and other managed networks will once download from Google. 

If you require directions on how to update the new script, they can be found in this knowledgebase article.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 2/26/2024 Updated learn more link to AIT legacy site.


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