Intro to Little SIS for Classroom

Below you will find information about how Little SIS for Classroom integrates your school's enrollment data with Google Classroom, allowing you to focus on teaching, and not on the mechanics of creating and updating Classrooms. These are the three major functions of Little SIS:


1. Little SIS creates new class invites -  invitations will be created for classes for which you don’t currently have a Google Classroom class.  A class invite is just that -- an invitation!  It looks like what you see below.  Classes created by Little SIS does not become visible to a enrolled students until you “accept” it in Classroom.


What happens if I click “Decline” on a class? If you decline a class we’ve created for you, it just means that you will be “on your own” when it comes to managing your student rosters in Google Classroom (for that class).  Declined classes can be re-provisioned later, but it can require a bit of legwork by the IT department, so it's best to only decline an invite if they are getting in your way and truly not needed!  If you’re not sure yet whether you want to use the classes, it’s usually better to just leave the invites open so you can have the option later!


2. Little SIS can link to your existing Classroom classes -  If you’re already using Google Classroom, and your rosters are very similar to those found on your official class roster, Little SIS can connect up with a class that’s already in use.  This means you get all the benefits of having your rosters kept up to date on the classes you’ve already worked so hard to populate with kids and content!

How will I know if Little SIS has linked to or made changes to my existing Classroom classes?

Little SIS will send you an email any time it makes any changes to a Classroom class, the class roster, or when it has been linked to any existing Classroom class.


What happens if Little SIS accidentally removes a student from one of my Classes?

This is a totally recoverable situation, and can sometimes happen if there are errors (like the wrong email address) in the student information system, or if you have added students to your classes that are not on the official roster.  Adding the student back via the join code will restore all of their work in the class, but you should also notify the IT department immediately if this happens, since it may end up happening every time we sync unless we fix the underlying roster data issue.  Your admin can also exclude specific users from the sync if you have a good reason for keeping “unofficial” students on your roster.  Just let them know!


What if I’m using Classroom in a way that’s different than the way my SIS classes are organized?  (Examples: combined sections, differentiated groups, etc.)

Presently, Little SIS can only sync classes in a way that is matched to the official class list in the SIS.  There’s currently no ability to combine or split SIS sections.  If Little SIS sees existing classes that are very different from what’s in the SIS, it will simply exclude them from the Little SIS sync.  This just means you are “on your own” to manage the rosters on customized classes that are different than your official classes.


3. Little SIS will Add and Remove students in Google Classroom -  Once you’re using a class created by Little SIS (or one that has been linked), any changes detected in your official class roster will result in a roster change in Google Classroom.  Typically, once things are up and running, these changes will happen on a daily basis.  Any time Little SIS makes a change to your Classroom rosters, you will receive an email notification summarizing all changes.