Reasons a domain group change might be ignored

Adding or removing a user to/from domain groups via the Add to domain groups and Remove from domain groups columns requires that the data you input into these columns be valid with respect to the possible changes that can be performed on each user.  The following are invalid values, and will be ignored during the update if discovered during the preview process.

  • Can't both Add & Remove:  This means you have entered the same group in both the Add and Remove columns in the sheet.
  • User is already a member: The user is already in the group to which you are trying to add them.
  • User is not a member:  You are trying to remove a user from a group that they are not a member of.
  • Can't operate on nonexistent group: You've misspelled or left off part of the domain group's email address, or used an illegal separator between multiple groups (must be comma separated).

You can filter for each error type by clicking on the left hand region bearing the relevant label.