Students with "guardian eligibility"

As sending a Guardian Invitation may set an expectation that Guardian Summary emails will be sent out, we believe it's an important design priority for Little SIS Sync to assist districts in selectively sending guardian invitations only for students whose teachers have ACTIVE classes and for which the guardian notification feature is enabled.

By design, Little SIS Sync identifies students that are enrolled to ACTIVE classes that have the Guardian Notification feature enabled.  When performing bulk Guardian Sync operations, you will only be able to create a Guardian invitation for a student that has been identified as 'Guardian eligible'.

To perform an analysis of guardian-eligible students, open the Guardians Explorer and Sync tool within Little SIS Sync and click Refresh eligible students.


This will cause Little SIS Sync to retrieve all classes and rosters on the domain that meet the eligibility criteria described above.  The output should look something like this:


Clicking Analyze Guardians brings in additional information about the number of existing invitations for these guardian-eligible students.  An ACTIVE guardian is a guardian that has accepted the invitation for Classroom email summaries.