Exploring the current state of guardian invitations on your domain

Whether you are just getting started with Little SIS Sync or already up and running and regularly syncing guardian emails, you will want to be familiar with the Guardians Explorer features it offers.


From the guardians interface, select Analyze Guardians.  This will retrieve ALL Classroom guardian invitations on your domain, whether or not they were sent via Little SIS Sync.  On large domains, this can take a while due to API limitations (only 50 can be loaded at a time).


Once the analysis has run, a high level summary will be available:


This summary can be further elaborated by running Refresh Eligible Students, which will search the domain for all students in active classes that have the guardians feature enabled.  Learn more about student "guardian-eligibility" here.

Click into the Guardians Explorer tab, and you will be able to view the following details about all guardian invitations for individual students.

Columns visible by default

  • Student Email
  • Guardian Email
  • Count of invites sent
  • Last Invitation Date


The invitation states can be understood as follows:

  • Active - the guardian has accepted the invitation.
  • Pending -  the invitation is outstanding and has not yet expired.
  • Incomplete - the invitation has either expired or was declined by the guardian.  

Note: While we understand that it would be preferable to differentiate declined from expired invitations, the limitations of Google's APIs are currently such that this is not possible.