Stage guardians and run Guardian Sync

Once you've set up guardian sync, you can Analyze Guardians and update invitations. Let's take a look at what happens during analysis. Guardian eligible students are cross-referenced against existing invitations and the CSV file. Comparison of this information shows which, if any, invitations need to be sent or withdrawn depending on your settings. Remember, the CSV file is the data source you provided to the sync job.

To analyze and sync guardians:

  1. Open the Guardians Explorer and Sync interface.
  2. Select the Stage / Run Sync tab.
  3. Click Analyze Guardians.
    When the analysis finishes, the results display in a listing. The listing includes all actions you can run. It also includes non-actions with the reason for the non-action provided.
  4. Select all or specific guardians to update.
  5. Click Run ## Selected Updates.

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