What API / admin permissions are needed to use Group Settings Gopher? Why?

Given that you likely don't want many super-admin accounts out there in the wild, we recommend creating an admin role for users of Group Settings Gopher.   The permissions needed are:

  • Groups (service permission)
  • Groups (API privilege)
  • Domain Management (API privilege)

The last permission is broader than we would prefer, but unfortunately necessary because the analysis of external groups membership requires Group Settings Gopher to access the list of domains associated with your school's G Suite account.  This is due to a current limitation in the Groups API wherein the EXTERNAL flag for group members is "not currently used."  We're hoping Google will eventually resolve this but have no timeline or expectation for it...

Screen_Shot_2017-05-19_at_8.49.04_AM.png Screen_Shot_2017-05-19_at_8.49.15_AM.png