Bulk updating group settings

Once you've got groups populated in the Group Settings tab of the Google Sheet, using the native filters functionality in Sheets can be a very powerful way to isolate groups of interest in order to determine exactly which groups require action.


Once you've got a single edit made to one of the groups you want to modify, you can easily copy-paste values down one or more columns of filtered groups in order to bring all groups into a uniform settings state.


Once you've got some settings modified, navigate to the Push updates to server tab.


 Clicking Preview will load a full preview of edits to be made to the selected groups.


Toggling the switch allows you to view changes at the single group level, where you can progress through the groups with Prev and Next buttons.


Clicking RUN BULK ACTIONS will initiate the update.  Check the update status column in the sheet to see whether all changes were successfully applied.


Not sure what a setting means?

After you load the groups to the sheet, a Help Guide tab also gets created. Here is where we break down each permission, what it does and recommendations for each. We also show you where you can change that permission, whether it is in our tool, the Google Groups Interface or the Google Admin Console.