Version 57 or Version 58

Centipede is growing up! We are incredibly proud of the impact our many-legged friend has had on the painful process of enrolling large numbers of Chromebooks. In fact, it is so popular that when Google released ChromeOS version 58, we immediately got to work building a new code base to accommodate the new enrollment process.

Unfortunately, this new enrollment process has a few challenges that we have attempted to solve, but this may require a little adjustment of the default values in the code. But here’s the good news: Centipede now has improved features, such as the ability to skip the Asset ID screen, or disable sending anonymous data to Google by default. 

You can access the code for ChromeOS version 58 or higher by visiting The original script for ChromeOS version 57 and below is available at

The screen shots below show the difference between the two versions at the point of turning on a brand-new device.

Chrome OS Version 57 Chrome OS Version 58 
ChromeOS_v57.jpg ChromeOS_v58.png