Teachers: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should I contact if Little SIS seems to be making unwanted changes to my Classroom rosters?  

A: Contact your IT department immediately if you spot something awry with the roster changes.  Don’t worry too much if a student gets accidentally removed -- they can be easily re-added, but your IT department will want to get to the bottom of why it happened to prevent it from becoming an annoyance to you and to identify if there are any other issues with the student database. 


Q: Can I change the names of the classes made by Little SIS, or will it mess up the sync?  

A: You are free to change any field you like in the Classroom classes created or linked by Little SIS.  Little SIS doesn’t rely on class name to match the courses up with the student information system.


Q: Can I still create my own custom classes for different purposes (e.g. after school club, differentiated reading groups, etc.)?   

A: Yes!  However you should know that these will not have their rosters synced by Little SIS.  These will be your responsibility to manage.


Q: Will Little SIS mess up existing Classroom classes we use for professional development, or that we created for non-academic groups like clubs?

A: No.  Little SIS will never see these unless they have very similar rosters to official classes.


Q: Does Little SIS delete student work when it removes a student from my class?  

A: No.  The student’s work is still accessible to the teacher and the student via the Google Drive folder for the class.  If the student is later re-added to the class, all of their work shows back up in Classroom.

It is important to note that a student that changes from one class to another will not have their previous work show up in their new class.


Q: Could Little SIS ever accidentally delete my classes?

A: No.  Little SIS gives the IT Department the ability to archive classes if they decide that it’s old and no longer active -- it helps keep things simpler for students that way.  An archived class just shows up in your “Archived Classes” list in Classroom -- they are not deleted.  You can still re-use posts from an archived class, and you an un-archive a class at any time.


Q: What happens if a teacher change happens in the middle of the year / semester?  

A: If a new teacher is assigned in the student information system, Little SIS can be set to add the new teacher as a “co-teacher” in Google Classroom and send notifications to the new and old teachers.  This way student work will not be disrupted and the new teacher can continue working within the same Classroom class.

Note: If you were originally assigned to a class that is no longer yours, you should not archive it, as that will remove it from the active feed for the current teacher and students. 

Q: Will Little SIS mess with my class title, section, description, etc? 

A: It could be set it up that way if it made sense, but most of the time, teachers prefer to change the name of their classes, so your IT Department doesn’t turn that feature on.


Q: What happens to student's work and grades when they change classes?

A: The way that Google Classroom handles student roster changes ensures that the student's work in Drive is not lost - it's moved into their new class folder. The grades in Classroom are technically not "lost," but they are only accessible if the student is re-added to the same class at a later date. Grades are not available to the new teacher when a student changes classes.