Bulk deprovisioning devices

The Chrome device license policy governs device de-provisioning and management license reuse.

Deprovisioning a Chrome device removes it from management. It is intended for devices that are no longer active, that are being resold, or that are being submitted for return / repair. Once a device is deprovisioned, the device must also be wiped before it can be re-enrolled.  

Re-enrollment is a manual only process (e.g. deprovisioning cannot be un-done) so be careful!!

From the Update tab of the sidebar, select Deprovision and a stepper will guide you through the process of deprovisioning the devices. 


**We highly recommend loading devices to the sheet via a List of IDs. You can select to load from a list of pasted Serial numbers or Asset IDs. This way, you can ensure you're working only with the devices you wish to deprovision**