Gopher for Chrome Web App Improvements, December 14, 2022

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This release brings improvements to the Gopher for Chrome Web app, including

Reminder: You can access the web app from the Utilities or Reports tabs in Gopher for Chrome.

Filtering the Device Cache by Device State and Auto Update Expiry
Gopher for Chrome > Web app> Device Cache

  • Two filters now appear at the right of the Device Cache page: Device State and Auto Update Expiry. These filters control the data that appears in all of the graphs on the page. As you select and deselect filter criteria, all the graphs update automatically. By default, the Device Status filter is All. The default for the Auto Update Expiry filter (AUE) is only >18 months deselected. Typically > 18 months will be the largest group and the farthest from AUE.
    • The Device State filter includes All, Active, Delinquent, Pre Provisioned, Deprovisioned, Disabled, Inactive, Return Arrived, Return Requested, Shipped, and Unknown. The list of states you see in the filter depend on your fleet.
    • The Auto Update Expiry filter includes All, > 18 months, 12-18 months, 6-12 months, 3-6 months, and Expired. The list of Auto Update Expiry you see in the filter depend on your fleet.
    • Each filter criteria includes the total count of devices at the right of that criteria. This total is static; it does not change as filters change. Note: The legacy number of devices cached and telemetry data for cached devices at the top right of the page are also static numbers; they do not change when filters change.
    • Example: To see active devices that have not expired, select only Active for Device State and deselect Expired for Auto Update Expiry.
  • See the Filtering the Device cache in the Web app article.

Device Search by partial number/id
Gopher for Chrome > Web app> Device Search

  • Previously the device search let you search for a specific device by entering the whole serial number, asset Id, or Device Id. Now you can search using the whole or partial number/id. The search must be at least 3 characters. The matching devices display in a list.
  • Click the View column to select a device and open its Device Info.
  • See the Searching for devices in the Gopher for Chrome web app article.

Editing Device Information fields
Gopher for Chrome > Web app> Device Search ~ View Device

  • Previously, you could not update device information. With this release, the device OU is editable from the device chip at the top right. Also, the following Custom Fields are editable from the Basic Info tab:
    • Annotated Asset ID: The asset identifier as noted by an administrator or specified during enrollment. Maximum length is 200 characters. Can be empty.
    • Annotated User: The user of the device as noted by the administrator. Maximum length is 100 characters. Can be empty.
    • Annotated Location: The address or location of the device as noted by the administrator.
      Maximum length is 200 characters. Can be empty.
    • Organization Unit: This field lets you move the device by changing the OU
    • Notes: This field lets you record your actions—for example, the OU previous OU and the reason for moving a device.
  • To edit only the device’s org, hover over the organization unit at the top to show the edit icon. deviceInfoEditIcon.png
  • To edit these fields, click the edit icon deviceInfoEditIcon.png in the Custom Fields section at the bottom left.
    Edit the information and click Save.
  • See the Editing Device Information fields in the Web app article.

Visual changes and additional OS / Chrome included with Basic Information

Gopher for Chrome > Web app> Device Search ~ View Device ~ Basic Info

  • The device chip has been added to the top right and remains visible as you select tabs.
  • The fields on the Basic Info tab are now organized into sections; Hardware Details, OS / Chrome, and Custom Fields.
  • Basic Information has three new fields in the OS / Chrome section; Last OS Update Check, Last OS Update, and Last Reboot Time.

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