Joining a class as a co-teacher or student

The ability to join the class as a co-teacher or student allows administrators to gain better insights into the Classroom environment and better support the teachers and students.

To add yourself as a co-teacher or student, start in the Explorer:

  1. Search and select the classes you want to change.
  2. Click on Bulk Actions at the top of the explorer grid.
  3. To add as a co-teacher, navigate to Teacher Actions > Join selected class as a co-teacher.
    • To add as a student, navigate to Student Actions > Join selected class as a student.
  4. Confirm the classes that you want to add yourself to.
  5. Type your name, and select your account when it populates.
  6. You can choose to notify the new teacher and customize the message.
  7. Proceed with the changes.

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