Enabling the Device Cache

In order to generate reports in Gopher for Chrome, you must first authorize and enable the Device Cache. 

Open a new Google Sheet and navigate to Add-ons>Gopher for Chrome>Launch Sidebar. Once the sidebar loads, click the 3 tab (the line graph icon) to access the reports section. 


Click Authorize and sign in with your Google account, and confirm the required scopes and permissions. Once completed it will say you have successfully authorized the tool and you can close the window.


At the bottom of the reports tab, there will now be a Device Cache section where you can refresh your Device Cache and Org Unit Cache. 


Clicking on the Cache Admin Settings link will pop open a webpage where you can get high level stats for your Device States and AUE. These charts are not drill-able from the web app, but can be used as guides for you to use the reports from within the Reports tab of the sidebar to get further details. You can also force a full scan on your devices, contact support and access the Gopher Buddy Configuration panel (Premium license subscription required) from the web app.