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What is Local Hero?

Installing the application

How to Create a Google Sheets sync Job

How to Create a BigQuery sync Job


What Is Local Hero?

Local Hero acts as a transfer service between CSVs and Google Sheets. It is commonly used to sync CSVs from a SIS to a Google Sheet which can then be made into custom reports and dashboards and shared with people who may not have access to the SIS data. It can be used with any CSV though to sync and keep a Google Sheet up to date.

Installing the Application

Local Hero is a local install on your device. Check out this Help Center Article to get the installer file.

How to Create a Google Sheets Sync Job

To setup a Google Sheets sync job, you’ll need to make sure you have the CSV on your device, and a Google Sheet already created. Clicking on the plus icon will allow you to create a new job. There you will link the CSV and Google Sheets ID, map your headers, choose how you want your data synced, and schedule your automated syncs.

How to Create a BigQuery Sync Job

Local Hero does support BigQuery, but the BigQuery service is a separate and paid service. If you are interested in using BigQuery reach out to your account manager for help setting up the billing for your service. To set up your BigQuery sync job, check out this Help Center Article.


Finally, you can always email support@amplifiedit.com to open a support ticket with us at any time. 


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