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What is Gopher for Gmail?

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What Is Gopher for Gmail?

Gopher for Gmail is your email purge tool. It is based on the Email Log Search report in the Admin console and purges emails out of users' inboxes regardless of whether they are opened or not. Example use cases would be spam, phishing, inappropriate, or accidental blast emails. As long as the email was sent to someone within your domain, you can pull it back. The emails do stay in Google Vault however for ediscovery.

Allow Listing the Add-on

If you are blocking Marketplace apps, you will have to update your setting to at least allow the apps that are on the allow list. You can change this setting in Apps > Marketplace Apps > Manage. See this article for further information. 


Installing the Add-on

Once on the allow list, you can open up a new sheet and install Gopher for Gmail by going to Extensions > Add-ons > Get Add-ons. Once the Google Workspace Marketplace window launches, search for Gopher for Gmail, then select Individual Install


One-Time Authorization

Due to dealing with email and privacy, Gopher for Gmail is restricted to Super Admin users only. Once you launch the sidebar for the first time, you will be prompted to perform a one-time authorization of the tool. This only needs to be done once by the first person to use the tool on your domain. To learn more about the API scopes needed, check out this Help Center Article.

Creating the CSV

Before you can purge the emails, you must first create the CSV with the emails you want to purge. To do that, you’ll use the Email Log Search report in the Admin console to search for the emails, and then download those search results as a CSV. It is important to make your search as granular as you can, as all of the results will be what Gopher for Gmail looks to purge.

Purging Emails

Once you have your CSV, you can open the sidebar of Gopher for Chrome and choose that file. It will load the contents of the CSV into the sheet, and then the stepper will walk you through purging the messages.

Audit Log

There is an activity log that is accessed through the 3 line tab of the sidebar. You can throw in dates there and it will produce a report on a separate tab of the worksheet showing you every action and every user that has used the tool on your domain during that time.


You can access support from the Customer Success team in a couple of different ways:

Live chat, when available, is located at the bottom of the sidebar. When chat is offline, you can instead open a support ticket from the chat widget. 

In addition, we have an extensive Help Center with knowledgebase articles on the tool and its features, and you can also access the live chat from here, as well as submit a ticket. 

Finally, you can always email support@amplifiedit.com to open a support ticket with us at any time. 


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