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What is Group Gator?

Installing Add-on

Initializing Group Gator

Assigning Delegated Managers to Groups

Selecting Groups to Add to the Sheet

Adding/Removing Users 


What is Group Gator?

Group Gator gives you a way to delegate user management of a group to someone who isn’t a member of that group. Super Admins can use this tool to bulk add or remove users to/from a domain group, but this tool also allows them to give that task to someone else. The delegated users will only be able to add and remove members, not change any permissions for the group or elevate members to manager/owner.

Installing the add-on

Group Gator is a Google Marketplace App that you will install from the Admin Console. This will install the Sheets add-on for the entire domain, but unless you have delegated a user to manage a group, they will get an error as soon as they launch the sidebar.


Initializing Group Gator

Before you can start delegating groups, you will need to run the initialization process. This will only need to be done once, and it will need to be done by the person who installed Group Gator on your domain. During the initialization process, a folder containing a master Sheet will be added to the Google Drive of the person who installed the app. This sheet will be automatically shared without notification to all of the super admins on your domain. This sheet tracks every action taken by users using the tool.

Assigning delegated managers to groups

You can assign delegated managers to your groups using the app interface within the Admin console. Once you have selected a group in the interface, you can add the users you want to assign as delegated managers. If you have a lot of users to add, you can also use the master spreadsheet to bulk assign managers.

Selecting groups to add to the sheet

Once a user has been delegated as a manager, they can go into Google Sheets and go to Extensions > Group Gator > Manage groups. They will be prompted to authenticate the add-on the first time they open the sidebar. Once authenticated, on the first tab of the sidebar, they can load a group to the sheet. Selecting the drop-down button will show all of the groups they are allowed to manage. You must load one group into a new blank sheet first, and then once that first group is loaded, you’ll be able to add any remaining groups at once from the sidebar. Each group that's created adds a tab in the spreadsheet.

Adding/removing users 

You can add users to a group either individually or in bulk. If you click on the second tab in the sidebar (the person icon), you can search for a user by name or email, and then click on them from the search results to add them to the group. You can bulk add users to the group by putting at least their email address in the sheet itself on their own lines. To remove users, delete the row that has their name and/or email address from the sheet. Once you are done making changes in the sheet, on the first tab of the sidebar (the refresh icon) make sure the drop-down says Update group from Sheet, then click Preview and apply changes, and then click Apply all changes.


You can access support from the Customer Success team a couple of different ways:

Live chat, when available, is located at the bottom of the sidebar. When chat is offline, you can instead open a support ticket from the chat widget. 

In addition, we have an extensive Help Center with knowledgebase articles on the tool and its features, and you can also access the live chat from here, as well as submit a ticket. 

Finally, you can always email support@amplifiedit.com to open a support ticket with us at any time. 

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