CDW Education Collaborative FAQ

Why can I not log into the online platform? (

  • Confirm you have both filled out the Collab Access Form and received the automated confirmation email welcoming you to the collaborative
  • You may need to change your API setting in your Google workspace. Directions to do so here 

How do I give access to other members?

  • Please ask any other members of your technical team who need collaborative access to fill out our quick access form

What should I do if someone leaves my organization?

Why am I not getting invites to Livestreams?

  • Your spam filter may be catching them. Please add to your email allowlist.
  • You will not receive invites until you have completed the quick collaborative access form (Link to Resources Page)
  • If a problem persists, please email 

Where can I watch past livestreams?

How do I modify my Notifications in Invision?

  • When you follow something, you can change your preferences for that item by clicking the “follow” button again.
  • To see all your notification settings, go here
  • To see all followed content, go here

What should I do if I have a question that is not on this page?


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