Collaborative member access

To become an active Collaborative member, you need to purchase the Collaborative service and fill out the Collaborative access form.

Getting onboarded

Once you purchase the Collaborative service, you will be sent a series of emails encouraging you to fill out the Collaborative Access Form. Filling out this form is the key to get access.

  1. It’s recommended that you make sure that you have a Currents account before filling out the Access Form.
  2. Fill out the Collaborative Access form for yourself and anyone on your IT team who should have access to the Collaborative member resources.
  3. After filling out the form, you will get contacted in 1-2 days welcoming you and with the next steps.
    • If we found a Currents account for you, you’ll get an email with the subject “Welcome to the North American Google Technical Collaborative (NAGTC)”. It will ask you to take one final step - accept the Currents invite.
    • If we did not find a Currents account for you then you will receive an email with the subject “Almost there! Action Required to gain full NAGTC access” with directions on creating an account
  4. After you’ve accepted the Currents invite you have completed the onboarding process!

Collaborative access and tools

Once you complete the onboarding process you will:

  • Start receiving the 2 monthly live stream invites (from
  • Have access to the online forum
  • Have access to the Member Hub

Additional benefits:

Do you still have questions? Take a look at the Collaborative FAQ.