Collaborative member access

To become an active Collaborative member, you need to purchase the Collaborative service and get onboarded to access the resources.

Getting onboarded

Once you purchase the Collaborative service, you will receive a series of emails encouraging you to fill out the Collaborative Access Form. Filling out this form is the key to getting access.

  1. The Collaborative Community uses Google authentication. If you have enabled the admin console setting, block all third-party API access, you will need to trust the app. Follow these directions to trust the Collaborative app. If you don’t use that setting or have already trusted the app, move to step #2.
  2. Fill out the Collaborative Access form for yourself and anyone on your IT team who should have access to the Collaborative member resources.
    • After filling out the form, you will get contacted via email within 1-2 days. The welcome email contains the next steps to access the Community and resources.
  3. After receiving the welcome emails, visit the Community, sign in, and you’re onboarded!

Collaborative Resources

Once you complete the onboarding process, you will:

  • Start receiving the two monthly live stream invites (from
  • Have access to the online forum

Additional benefits:

Do you still have questions? Take a look at the Collaborative FAQ.

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