Glossary of Terms and Icons for Little SIS Premium

General Terms and Icons

The following are available in the left navigation panel in Little SIS Premium Sync.

Note: The navigation panel will expand and collapse and expand as you mouse over it. To expand and lock the panel, Click the 9 box menu at the top left of the page and then click the menu button at the left.


JobsIcon.png Jobs

Click the Job group to revel additional options; Roster sync jobs and Roster exceptions.

rostersyncIcon.png Jobs > Roster sync jobs

Here is a list of your sync jobs. From here, you can:

  • Create jobs
  • Import jobs from Little SIS Agent
  • Run a sync analysis
  • Initiate the review and staging of sync actions
  • View sync history
  • Edit, clone, or delete jobs

RosterExceptsIcon.png Jobs > Roster exceptions

A global list of individual users and email patterns not added or removed from a Classroom class during sync. Learn more.

ClassroomExceptionsIcon.png Jobs > Classroom exceptions

A global list of individual classes to exclude from sync jobs. You can save class exceptions on the fly while reviewing potential matches. Classroom exceptions are convenient, but you should use them sparingly. If you need to exclude many classes from a sync job, use job scope roles instead. Learn more.

FilesIcon.png Files

A list of files that include source data used in your sync jobs. These could be the course or guardian data.

GuardianIcon.png Guardians

Click the Guardian group to revel additional options; Sync jobs and Explorer.

rostersyncIcon.png Guardians > Sync Job

An area where you can analyze guardians, refresh guardian-eligible students, and manage the guardian sync job.

guardianExplorerIcon2.png Guardians > Explorer

An area where you can load and explore Classroom classes, users, rosters, and assignment data for all classes on your domain. 

TeacherReviewIcon.png Teacher review

Lets teachers review SIS classes, including rosters, accept, decline, and merge their SIS classes, link SIS classes to an active Google Classroom class, and schedule Google Classroom provisioning.

AdminIcon.png Administration

Click the Administration group to revel additional options; Settings and Getting Started.

SettingsIcon.png Administration > Settings

Settings helps you set up your Little SIS Premium account. The settings here are also available from the Getting Started stepper.

GettingStartedIcon.png Administration > Getting Started

Launches the Getting Started stepper which steps you through setting up your Little SIS Premium account.

SupportIcon.png Support

Click the Support group to revel additional options; Help Center, Contact Support, and Feedback.

HelpCenter.png Support > Help Center

Provides access to the CDW Amplified for Education Help Center for Little SIS Premium.

ContactSupportIcon.png Support > Contact Support

Launches the Submit a Ticket form.

FeedbackIcon.png Support > Feedback

Launches the Feature Request page within the Labs Club.


Job Card Icons

Jobs > Roster Sync Jobs

The following icons appear in the lower-left corner of Roster Sync job cards. They help identify, at a glance, a job's automation setting and whether teacher review is enabled.

baseline_schedule_black_24dp.png Fully automated Represents a fully automated roster sync job.
account-clock-outline.png Automated Analysis Represents an automated analysis roster sync job.
baseline_handyman_black_24dp.png Manually Triggered Represents a manual roster sync job.
human-male-board_copy.png Teacher Review Enabled Represents a job that has teacher review enabled.



Review & Action Terms and Icons

Jobs > Roster Sync Jobs > Review & Action

Below are the terms and icons admins will see when performing Review & Action for a sync job. A sync analysis compares the SIS classes and rosters in a job to the current state in Google Classroom and makes recommendations. Admins can review these recommendations via Review & Actions and stage and commit actions in Classroom. During Review & Action, admins can perform several distinct action types, which are listed below.

Note: If using Teacher Review, some action types will not be seen by admins since teachers are actioning classes themselves.

New class to be created

Selecting this action creates an invitation to teach a Classroom class (a.k.a. a PROVISIONED class). This invitation will be visible on the Teacher's Classroom home screen. It will be visible to students once the teacher clicks Accept and the class becomes ACTIVE. If the teacher chooses to click Decline for the class, the class will enter the DECLINED state.  

Class to be updated

When selected, the roster or a field within Classroom is changed, depending on the job settings. You can preview the specific changes in the sync analysis interface.

mceclip1.png Class Changes

This icon indicates a class change. Admins can review changes and approve or exclude classes from sync.

Class exception to be saved

In Class Changes, if you select a class and click Exclude and Stage Class Exception, the class moves to Staged Action and displays this icon.

Once committed and the sync job runs, the class appears in Excluded Classes in Review & Action. During this and future syncs, the class will not change in Classroom.

Link to existing class

If the analysis detects candidate matches in Classroom, you can establish a link to the existing class. This link ensures that the roster syncs for that class in the future. Linking a class may also add/remove students during the sync. This change happens when the teacher's current roster and Classroom roster differ.

Class to be excluded for this sync

This option is available when reviewing candidate matching classes in Classroom. It can be helpful if decision-making information is lacking, as it gives you the option to re-evaluate in later analysis.


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