Intro to guardian notifications and syncing

The Guardian Notifications feature lets you invite your student's guardians to see a summary of classroom work. The way that the feature works is two-fold. First, it requires that your IT Department enable the feature for your school. Second, you, the teacher, need to turn on the feature in each of your classes. Teachers must also populate the guardian emails in each of their classes for each student if they do not currently have Guardians connected to their account in Classroom. You are also responsible for keeping these email addresses updated. This is obviously a time-consuming process for you!  

Little SIS Premium can also sync guardian information from your student database. Syncing automates the process of editing and updating guardian email addresses. This limits the amount of time you, the teacher, spend maintaining guardian email addresses.  If your IT department has chosen to sync guardian data, all you need to do is turn on the Guardian notification feature in your classes. Little SIS Premium does the rest. As soon as you enable the feature, your student's guardians receive a notification. The guardians also populate in Classroom for you to view or send an email. 

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