Google Gradebook Sync

OneRoster SIS Sync for Google Classroom

If your student information system (SIS) is currently integrated with Classroom through One Roster API, you can connect Classroom to your SIS. After you set up the connection, teachers can link their classes and export grades to SIS.

Understanding Gradebook Sync

Google currently supports syncing of assignments and grades between Google Classroom and Infinite Campus and Skyward, with Aspen coming soon.

Teachers are able to sync their assignments and grades from Google Classroom back to the internal SIS grade book. This integration removes dual-grade entry; grades and assignments can be pushed with a few clicks directly to the student information system.
For administrators, this integration means fewer tools teachers need to learn about and less room for error in grade entry.

See Google’s support site for more information on Google Classroom Gradebook Sync.

Gradebook Sync features

Administrators can:

  • Establish a connection between their SIS and Google Classroom for their domain. This currently applies to Infinite Campus and Skyward only, with Aspen coming soon.
  • Configure sync settings that apply to Google Classroom teachers in their domain.

If enabled by the administrator, teachers can:

  • Manually link existing Google Classroom classes to the SIS.
  • Push assignments and grades from Google Classroom to the SIS.
  • Unlink any linked class.

Gradebook Sync SIS Data Requirements

Syncing of grades for existing Classroom users to users in the SIS relies on the email address field for users, so a valid Google Workspace email address must be maintained within the SIS for each student.

Refer to Google’s SIS grade export FAQs for more specific information.

Gradebook Sync and Little SIS Premium

Google Gradebook Sync: 

  • focuses only on syncing assignments and grades
  • only applies to districts that use a supported OneRoster SIS

If you use Little SIS Premium or our Managed Sync service, your teachers are better equipped to use Google’s Gradebook Sync. Teachers with auto-synced rosters can seamlessly push their assignments and grades automatically back to the SIS without the barrier of roster maintenance or mismatches.

Clever Sync for Google Classroom

Starting in the summer of 2021, Google Workspace for Education Plus districts in the United States will be able to sync their SIS classes to Google Classroom via Clever. For a comparison on Clever sync and Little SIS Premium, refer to this article in our Help Center.


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