Bulk delete classes

Warning: There is no way to undo deleting a class. Proceed carefully when using this function.

The Classroom Explorer lets you perform many bulk actions on classes. This lets you perform one action on many classes at once. One such bulk action is deleting classes. Bulk deletion of classes may be an appropriate action when:

  • You need to eliminate PROVISIONED or DECLINED classes from a prior year or semester before provisioning new classes. This is a recommended part of rollover procedures to avoid confusion for teachers.
  • There is a major error during the class provisioning process. For example, when a malformed or poorly-constructed alias has resulted in course duplication

Bulk deletion of ACTIVE and ARCHIVED classes is not currently supported by Little SIS Sync. The reasons are that:

  • It is safe to assume that teachers have used ACTIVE classes. The more appropriate administrative action is to bulk archive them.
  • Teachers frequently reuse assignments from ARCHIVED classes.

Note: Teachers can delete individual classes from the Classroom interface.

To bulk delete classes:

  1. Click Classroom.
  2. Click Explorer from the menu on the left side of the screen. Google Classroom Explorer opens.
  3. Filter the State column to include only PROVISIONED and DECLINED classes.
  4. Select the classes you want to delete.
  5. Click Bulk Actions at the top of the Explorer grid.
  6. Click Change classroom state.
  7. Click Delete Selected classes. DeleteClassesWizardHL.png
  8. Confirm classes you want to delete by selecting the class again.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Review the changes that will be made.
  11. Click Proceed

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