Review, Approve and Stage, and Commit Class Changes

Once you've run the Sync Analysis, you'll have a list of potential class changes. Class changes are actions to create new classes or update existing classes. Reviewing the list of changes lets you choose actions to approve or exclude from staging. Once staged, you can commit the staged actions.

To review, approve, stage, and commit changes, do the following:

  1. Access Little SIS for Classroom.
  2. Click the 9 box menu at the top left of the page.
  3. Click Sync
  4. In the left navigation, click Jobs, then Roster sync jobs.
  5. If you’ve already run sync analysis for a job, the Review & Action button will be active. Click Review & Action.
  6. Select the actions to include in the next run.

    Note: To select or deselect many, click on any part of the row, hold the Shift key, and select another row. All items between the two rows you clicked become selected/deselected.

  7. Click Approve & Stage # Class Changes or Exclude & Stage # Class Changes. Either action adds the selected actions to the staged actions list in the appropriate state.


    Note: At this point, the actions have not been performed but are merely staged.

  8. Once you are ready to commit, click the Summary tab. 

  9. Click Commit # Staged Actions Now

  10. At the summary popup, review the actions and click Confirm.

    Note: The Confirm button will not be available if there is another Roster sync job running.

  11. Click Return to Job list.
Pro Tip:
  • You are not required to stage/commit all changes identified in the analysis. For instance, you can partially review and push changes. For an automated sync job, the rest of the actions will auto-approve on the next sync run.
  • Committing staged actions causes the job to revert to Awaiting Analysis. A new analysis needs to run before you can return to the review process.
  • If you navigate outside the Sync Analysis when you have uncommitted, staged actions revert to unstaged. You'll have to return to the summary, select the actions and click Approve & Stage # Class Changes again. When you attempt to navigate away from the Sync Analysis, you’ll see a prompt and need to verify your intent.


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