Understand the Sync Analysis summary

A Sync Analysis compares the current state in Google Classroom and your SIS classroom enrollments. 

The Summary breaks out total classes analyzed, actions for review, excluded classes, and total classes in the source data file. Actions for review only appear if the sync detects differences you need to address.

When run in manual mode, you must review and stage actions before committing them to Classroom.


Let’s take a look at the information included in this summary: 

  • 13 classes have been analyzed.
  • 1 class has no changes identified.  This is because the class exists in both the SIS and in Google Classroom. There were no changes detected in rosters, and no updates to Classroom fields are required.
  • 8 actions need review. This breaks down into 2 new class invites, 1 class with a new primary teacher, and 5 potential class matches. 

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