Understand Sync Errors

Whether during staging the sync or running the sync, there may be errors. In this article, we will cover how you know there are errors in either of these processes and the steps you can take to fix the errors. Once fixed, the info will repopulate during the next run.

First, we’ll look at errors when staging a sync job. Then, we’ll review errors during the actual sync run.

Errors When Staging a Sync Job

During sync analysis, Little SIS checks that teacher emails in the enrollments file are active in Google Workspace. A tally of errors appears in the Data Source Issues section on the Summary tab in the Sync Analysis. The count includes suspended, invalid, or inaccurate email addresses and blank emails. You can click on the source data issues tally to fix these errors.


To fix source data errors, do the following:

  1. From the Summary tab in Sync Analysis, click # classes are excluded due to source data issues. The Excluded Classes page opens. This link is the second item in the # classes analyzed list.
  2. In the Exclusion Reason filter, select Teacher Email does not exist in Google Workspace. This filters to show invalid emails and classes with blank teacher emails.
  3. Add or update the email addresses as necessary. 

Once you resolve the errors, the classes are created on the next sync.

Error Messages

  • FAIL - 403: This is a permissions denied error in the roster sync log. This message likely means the student you are trying to add does not exist in Google Workspace.


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