Little SIS Premium launch FAQs

As we prepare to release Little SIS Premium this summer, we know that there will be a lot of questions from current Little SIS Sync users. We will collect questions here and update this article frequently leading up to the tool's launch. 

Will there be a way to migrate my existing jobs to the new Premium app?

Yes, we will have a migration process built into Little SIS Premium so you can bring your sync jobs over to the new tool. We will publish a Help Center article on this process as well as an in-tool tutorial. 

What will the pricing look like?

At this time, the cost for the Little SIS Premium is the same as the Little SIS Combo. 

Is there a deprecation date for the server-based Sync Agent application?

Not at this time. When we have a firm date, we will communicate it to all current Sync Agent users.

How does Little SIS Premium sync data to the tool since a server set up is no longer needed?

SFTP from the organization's SIS