Explore the Current State of Guardian Invitations on Your Domain

Whether you are just getting started with Little SIS Premium or already up and running and regularly syncing guardian emails, you will want to be familiar with the Guardians Explorer features it offers.

Note: Sending a guardian invitation may set an expectation that Guardian Summary emails are also sent. Summary emails are only sent for accepted invitations.

Analyzing Guardians

The analyze guardians process retrieves all Classroom guardian invitations on your domain. This includes those not sent via Little SIS Premium. When the analysis is complete, a high-level summary displays on the Summary tab. You can then view specifics for the invitations on the Guardians Explorer tab. Learn more about analyzing guardians here.

Note: On large domains, the analysis can take a while due to API limitations (Only 50 invitations load at a time). 

Refreshing Eligible Students

When performing bulk operations, guardian invitations are only sent to guardian eligible students. These are students whose teachers have ACTIVE classes and who have the guardian notification feature enabled. You'll want to refresh to keep the eligible students list up-to-date. The list determines which student’s guardians are eligible to receive invitations once you set up Guardian sync. Learn more about student guardian-eligibility here.

Viewing Invitation Status

The Guardians Explorer contains details about guardian invitations for individual students. You can also use the Guardians Explorer to withdraw invitations. It contains these columns by default.

  • Student Email
  • Guardian Email
  • Status
    • Active: The guardian has accepted the invitation.
    • Pending: The invitation is outstanding and has not yet expired.
    • Incomplete: The invitation has either expired or the guardian declined the invitation.
      Note: The limitations of Google's APIS prevent us from differentiating declined from expired invitations.
  • Invitations  sent
  • Last Invitation Date
  • In SIS file: Indicates whether the CSV file used for the Guardian Sync job contains a particular guardian. When a guardian/student email combination is present in the Guardian file, the In SIS file column displays Yes.

Once you've set up an sync you can explore your invitation by additional fields. These include the Student ID, School ID, and Grouping.

Learn more about viewing invitation status here.

Learn more about withdrawing invitations here


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