Guide to reseller access

Granting Amplified IT reseller access in your Google Workspace for Education admin console

See details about reseller access - including how to grant access to Amplified IT

Why does Amplified IT need reseller access?

Reseller access gives a partner, like Amplified IT, the ability to perform certain actions on your behalf, such as allocating licenses for Google products, and viewing or escalating your cases with Google Support. Relating to this access, you may review our privacy policy here

Security and support 

Reseller console access gives Amplified IT access to your Google Workspace for Education domain safely and securely. Access is granted via a secure transfer token. You do not need to provide a username and password for ongoing use. We use reseller access to view your admin console when troubleshooting an issue. We do not make any changes to your domain unless you direct us to do so. 

Disabling Amplified IT remote access to your Google Workspace for Education admin console

If for any reason you would like to remove access, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to your Admin Console via a Super Admin level account
  2. Proceed to Account settings, and to the Account management card
  3. Hover over the Reseller access setting so the edit icon appearsScreen_Shot_2021-07-15_at_4.26.41_PM.png
  4. Click the edit pen then uncheck the box to disable reseller access to the admin console. Save.Screen_Shot_2021-07-15_at_4.30.40_PM.png