Amplified IT's licensing tool

Common issues with licensing

Education domains report some challenges when licensing Google Workspace. While GAM and GCDS can help with automatic licensing workflow, other licensing methods rely on frequent manual management. This leads to pain points for:

  • Reclaiming licenses from suspended users
  • Licensing Staff OU's, that often contain a blend of users who need/don't need licenses
  • Special licensing situations (like substitute teachers, pre-service teachers, contractors, and transient student populations) that are time-consuming to manage

Solution: Automatic licensing by group or by OU

To alleviate the pain points, Amplified IT developed a free Workspace licensing tool for customers who purchase Workspace through us. It is hosted by Amplified IT and managed through domain-wide scopes installed on your domain.

Features of Amplified IT's licensing tool:

  • Provisions licenses for users based on group or OU
  • Removes licenses from suspended users
  • Reclaims licenses from users when they are removed from the group/OU
  • Can be set to automatically sync for license changes on daily or weekly schedule
  • Automatic licensing limited to customer's threshold of maximum changes
  • Automatic syncs send notifications and summary of changes to customer
  • Supported by Amplified IT's team for any customer questions or changes

Read the details about our Licensing Tool and what information we need from you. Reach out to with questions or if you want to get set up.