Teaching and Learning Upgrade Overview

The features on this page are included in Teaching and Learning Upgrade licenses as well as Education Plus licenses. These teaching and learning tools offer enhancement through two means: advanced Google Meet features and unlimited originality reports that include student-to-student matches.

Advanced Meet features 

The features below are only available in Meet if the organizer of the Meet has a Teaching and Learning Upgrade or an Education Plus license:  

* These can be configured in the Admin console; follow links to Google's knowledge base for details.

More Google Meet resources

Premium Meet features available for Google Workspace editions

Google Meet feature comparison by edition - more details on available advanced Meet features

Get Started with Google Meet from Google for Education's Teacher Center; for end-users

Unlimited Originality Reports, including in-school matches

With a Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Plus license, teachers can turn on Originality Reports for as many assignments as they wish. In addition, the submitted student work can be compared against an in-domain repository of work from other students. 

Configuring Originality Reports and student-to-student matches

Unlimited Originality Reports are automatically available to any staff user with a Plus license or a Teaching and Learning Upgrade. To configure the student-to-student matching feature, admins should:

  1. Sign in to the Admin console and navigate to Apps > Google Workspace > Classroom.
  2. Open the Originality Reports card.
  3. From the Organizational Units list, select the teachers' organizational unit.
  4. Select Enable originality reports school matches.

Pro Tip: Notice that the blue box on the page links to the school matches admin page where you can make sure the school repository is correctly set up on your domain. 

Note: School matches for Originality Reports can be turned on for Google Classroom or for another LMS when using Google Assignments

Resources and considerations for Originality Reports

How to turn on Originality Reports - Google's resource for teachers

School Matches - Submitted work is automatically added to the repository when in-school matches have been turned on. The best practice is to assign one or more Content Managers to the Shared Drive repository to add/remove files when needed. Non-Google filetypes, such as .pdf and .docx, can be added to the repository as well. 


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