Migrate from legacy SKUs to Workspace SKUs,

In 2021, Google announced that Google Workspace for Education Plus would replace G Suite Enterprise for Education (GSEFE). Two years later, Google announced that the SKUs associated with GSEFE are now retiring. 

The staff to student license ratio is changing as well.

The licenses for GSEfE were based on the number of staff an educational organization had; student licenses were included with those licenses at a ratio of 10 student licenses for every 1 staff license.

With the shift to Google Workspace for Education, the licensing was changed to a per-student model. Google made this change to better align with how educational organizations licensed other software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools. With Google Workspace for Education, educational organizations receive 1 staff license for every 4 paid student licenses.

The change from legacy to Plus licensing will require a change by the Google Admin. No matter which Workspace option you select, you must update your SKU from the Legacy to the Plus SKU.

For example, if you use our licensing tool, we update the SKU for you. If they have auto- assign on it’ll be also on for the new Plus SKU. If you are using GCDS, you need to update the numerical SKU to Plus. Whoever has a license assigned with the legacy SKU will have the license assigned for the Plus SKU.

If you are having any issue with licensing submit a ticket with support.

Here is what will happen next:

  1. Once we receive the PO, CSO, and SVL, we will send you the offer for the Plus licenses.
  2. You accept, and the licenses are added to your customer console and the legacy SKU is put in grace for 7 days.
  3. Ensure the Plus SKU is assigned. 

After 7 days, legacy auto-suspends.

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