New CDW Amplified for Education LMS for Certificate Courses

What Is the CDW Amplified for Education LMS

Our Learning Management System (LMS) platform provides Google Admins with a one-stop shop for certificate courses. Whether you're looking for self-paced, live, or bundled learning, our LMS offers everything you need to earn your certification.

Getting started with our LMS is easy. In this article, we'll walk you through the key steps to ensure you're set up and ready to go. 

Depending on your learning style and goals, you can use any of the following programs:

  • Self-Paced: Learning plans and courses where you have the freedom to progress through the material at your speed without being constrained by a set schedule or timeframe. 
  • Live LearningA knowledgeable and experienced instructor guides you through the material in these sessions. Learners can ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in interactive activities to reinforce their learning. 
  • Learning Plan BundlesBundles offer learners the convenience of purchasing multiple classes simultaneously rather than purchasing each learning plan separately. 

Accessing the CDW LMS

Direct link to the CDW LMS

See the Accessing LMS Paid Workspace Content article to get started with Google Workspace learning.

Getting Started With the LMS

To start using the LMS, follow these steps:

  1. Register for a CDW Amplified for Education LMS account.
  2. Click Register at the top right.
  3. Complete the form and click Register.
  4. Determine the learning plan that suits your goals and role. If you're unsure what plan to follow, we'll cover that in the next section.

Choose Your Certification Level

Here's a brief description of each certification level and its prerequisites.

AdminLevel1Blue.png AdminLevel1BlueLive.png

The Self-Paced CDW Amplified Admin Level 1 Certification training will guide your IT staff through educational best practices and EDU Workspace Admin console skills and techniques. This Fundamentals course covers Admin console basics and key settings configurations for the educational use of Workspace for Education. All Certifications conclude with an exam that candidates must pass to receive their certification. 

Please note that we recommend that users enrolled in our Self-Paced Level 1 Certification have access to an Admin console. If you do not have access to an Admin console, we recommend our Live Level 1 certification, which provides a test environment.

Prerequisite: None


AdminLevel2Green.png AdminLevel2GreenLive.png

The CDW Amplified Admin Level 2 Certification training is our advanced-level EDU Workspace Admin course, which requires an Amplified Admin Level 1 certification to validate fundamental knowledge of the EDU Workspace Fundamentals environment. This course builds on the basics learned in Level 1 to address more complex settings, topics, and advanced best practices as they apply to education. All Certifications conclude with an exam that candidates must pass to receive their certification.  

Prerequisite: Level 1



The CDW Amplified Admin Chrome Specialist Certification training covers all things ChromeOS and Chrome from a Google Admin perspective. The course's content takes you through key best practices for managing Chrome Devices in an Educational environment. Focus areas include ChromeOS device-level settings, updates, User settings, and troubleshooting. This course also focuses on Chrome desktop management and control for Windows and Mac devices in your environment, curating and securing both platforms to ensure student and staff safety, as well as facilitating smart collaboration, consistency of experience and environment, along with providing resources and data access that leads to high student success. All Certifications conclude with an exam that candidates must pass to receive their certification.

Prerequisite: Level 1



The CDW Amplified Admin Security Specialist Certification training will guide your IT staff through advanced EDU Workspace Admin console security settings. Learn the skills required to safeguard and control security within your Google for Education environment. This course covers domain-level settings and best practices, securing and protecting users, understanding security implications for key core-service settings, and using the Reports section of the console and APIs to identify and troubleshoot issues. This training includes a series of lessons, real-world education examples, and knowledge checks to prepare attendees to properly use Workspace Fundamentals along with Standard and Plus tools and settings to enhance security and safety within an institution's environment. All Certifications conclude with an exam that must be passed in order to receive your certification. 

Prerequisite: Level 1 and Level 2



This training program is designed to be flexible and convenient for busy IT professionals. It includes the Chrome Specialist Certification, which is a bundle of our self-paced Level 1 course and our self-paced Chrome Specialist course. This allows you to learn at your own pace, fitting your studies around your work and personal commitments. 

Prerequisite: None



Take your career in security to the next level with our Security Specialist Certification bundle. This includes our Live Level 1 Certification, providing real-time learning experiences, our Live Level 2 certification, for advanced skills development, and our Self-paced Security Specialist Certification, allowing you to learn at your own pace. 

Prerequisite: None


Start Your Journey

Ready to take your IT skills to the next level? Enroll in certification training today and start your journey toward becoming a certified in the Google for Education environment.


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